How to embrace the wisdom of healing

Through our painful experiences, we often gain incredible gifts of wisdom and insight. As we heal, we begin to become deeply aware of our reality. The learning in this experience often allows us to make new connections and deepen existing ones or clear our lives of what no longer serves us. Let me walk you through some scenarios and see what resonates. What can you heal or let go of?

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Why we need to rethink multitasking

In 2006 the word Pizzled entered the lexicon; a combination of puzzled and pissed, it captured the feeling people had when the person they were with whipped out a Blackberry and started talking to someone else. Back then people felt hurt and indignant in such moments. Today it’s the norm. A multitasking life philosophy might not be the best approach and here’s why.

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How to Make Peace in Your Life with Triggers

The inspiration for this journaling prompt comes from Roger Teel’s book, This Life Is Joy. Teel encourages readers of his book to open themselves to the mysteries of life. Teel recommends practices that can be used with My Wellness Journal to experience peace, calm and a general state of well-being.

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6 Ways to Improve Your Breathing

Are you ready to ‘time-in’ and learn how to self-regulate through breathing? In this blog post we share some of our favourite breathing techniques and exercises. Pick one breathing technique that you would like to try and make it a part of your ritual. Do it every day and make gradual progress. Simple yet so empowering!

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Quote of the day….

When writing the story of your life, don't let anyone else hold the pen.

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