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A beautiful, hardbound, web-integrated, 344-page full-colour personal journal and planner dedicated to your style of wellness and productivity. A journal to cover all aspects of living a fully charged life.




My Wellness Journal is a beautiful, hardbound, 344-page full-colour personal journal and planner dedicated to building your own style of wellness and productivity. By capturing the unique choices, preferences and routines of your day, the journal furnishes rich clues for the nourishment, direction and design of your life.

At heart of the journal are the personal journal pages. Here, the owner enters their plans, thoughts and experiences. Entries for the day are made across two facing pages. This maximises writing space and gently reminds that each day turns over a new leaf. The journal has 300 personal journal pages, capable of journalling 150 days. Pages are undated, minimizing wastage. Each day has sections that track:

  • Plans (where appointments or tasks are set)
  • Actions (where goals and steps are chunked and tracked)
  • Food
  • Water
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Emotional state
  • Gratitude
  • Reflections (learnings; what worked during the day, what did not)

The journal has 44 reference pages with specially commissioned artwork and over 100 mobile-ready QR codes that link to carefully-curated personal growth and wellness resources. Virtually all reference pages are customisable – designed to be written on and interacted with, rather than merely display information or look pretty. All 344 pages are beautifully printed in full-colour on Forest Stewardship Council-certified, 120 gsm paper; carefully crafted to deliver a joyful writing experience with no bleed between pages. A 3.5mm hardcover, section-sewn binding encases the journal, making it a true pleasure to carry and use. Elegantly proportioned, My Wellness Journal has a substantial  feel, yet is portable enough to carry daily. It is available in a choice of white or black binding.

Here’s a video on using the journal:

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Additional information

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